National Libraries Day

I was invited to read at my local library for National Libraries Day, so of course I accepted! It was lovely! I read the book to two separate little groups of children. I love that I get to read to local children and it makes me smile when I get asked questions about the book by them, it really makes my day! The questions range from; “how did you come up with the idea?” “Why does Lenny have magical feet?” and “How did you get the book from your head to that” (said one child while pointing at the book in my hand.) I would like to Thank Whitstable Library for inviting me! I will be popping in soon to have a look at the amazing new books you have coming in. Also the library is going to be undertaking some major improvements, which is great! I wish them luck with this and I hope it will bring more book lovers to their door. 🙂

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A Bundle Of Books.

I have been invited to read Twizzle and Lenny by the lovely ladies Ellie and Andrea at A Bundle Of Books, (the children’s bookstore in Herne Bay). I am very excited about this! This little store has been doing wonderful things for children since their opening in April this year. Their activities and workshops have been attracting many children and their families, who from what hear are throughly enjoying the shop.

I will be reading at the store on Saturday 14th September at 11am, I hope you will come and join us. 😀
For more information please visit


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Pictures from the book launch










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Waterstones Book Launch

The book launch was a great success! We had a lovely group of people who attended with their children. After the book reading the children had fun colouring in gorgeous pages illustrated by the wonderful Harriet Hue. I will post a few pictures very soon. Harriet and I would like to say a huge thank you to the people who attended, especially as the weather was not very kind to us that day. A huge thank you goes out to Claire, James and their team at Waterstones, who were very welcoming and wonderful! 🙂 The book is now available to buy in Waterstones, which is amazing for us! Continued support from our family and friends is beautiful… Now, to get on with tweaking and writing the rest of the series 😀 xx

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Whitstable Oyster Festival

Storytelling at the Whitstable Oyster Festival was great today! We had Twizzle and Lenny story time as well as fun with musical instruments and nursery rhymes, what fun! Thank you for inviting me, I hope to do it again next year! 🙂

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Book launch at Waterstones

There will be a book reading and launch of Twizzle and Lenny at Waterstones, Rose Lane in Canterbury on the 24th August at 2pm! Harriet and I are over the moon! We also have a book review that has just been written by Nayuleska and published on her site – Nayu’s Reading Corner Thank you so much Nayu, It’s a wonderful review!

We look forward to seeing you on the 24th! 🙂 x

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Twizzle and Lenny update

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. I have been reading Twizzle and Lenny in the local school’s, nurseries, Pre-school’s and at Whitstable Library. I have been overwhelmed by messages and retweets from complete strangers, who are also enjoying Twizzle and Lenny with their children. The book is doing so well!! Thanks to everyone who continues to support and believe in me, Harriet and the book. Virtual hug from us! Xx

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