I Love Books!

Books are wonderful for children, they can be captivated by a story that in-turn leads them into their own little world on an adventure created by their imagination.
My children love all different kinds of books and we are very lucky to have had many passed down to us from older nephews and nieces, every night we embark on a new adventure. My children enjoy creating their own stories and I hope that by harnessing such creativity, I will enable them to believe that anything is possible. X

My favourite time of day is cuddling up with my kids with a book, it’s the best time! They sit there all sleepy and then… We are off! I always remember watching The Princess Bride for the first time. It’s about a young boy whose grandfather comes to visit him when he is feeling a little under the weather. The boys grandfather brings him a book, which the young lad scoffs at, until his grandfather starts to read and the story comes to life. The boy is addicted and won’t let his grandfather leave until he finishes the story. Its a great film!


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