A Little About Me


I am a freelance children’s author living in Whitstable, Kent with my husband Matt and my two spirited children Olivia and Cameron. I love bike rides down by the sea and I have a passion for writing children’s stories. I’m a bit quirky with no real fashion sense and get by with the odd gem in a charity shop. I keep chicken’s and guinea pigs and we have a dog called Buddy.

I started writing when I was very young, I was a little girl with a big imagination. I would come up with stories and write them down on little pieces of paper. When I had my children I found myself creating magical stories for them to enjoy. They are undoubtedly my biggest fans and have encouraged me to write for a wider audience.

I remember reading Harry Potter for the very first time, I absolutely loved it! I stayed up all night reading The Goblet of Fire! JK Rowling really did create something magical. I’ve always been a dreamer and I still like to look at things the way I did when I was a child.
I love watching the butterflies in my garden in the summer time and I remember picking up the ladybirds that used to crawl around in my children’s sandpit, I always made a wish and waited for it to fly away. (I still do this and of course no wish comes true unless it flies away!) I love squishing the sand in-between my toes and standing on the seashore with a breeze flowing through my hair. I go for long walks and watch the birds flying. With each step that I take my imagination runs wild…

In time I create something magical on my page.

I once heard another author say “read, read as much as you can” and I remember my Nan saying to me “with an imagination like yours, you will do something amazing!”


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