Book Readings

I was so excited when I received an email from Daren Kearl to confirm the date and time for the reading at Whitstable Library. My daughter Olivia was born in 2003 and at that time we were living in Canterbury. Being a new mother was exciting but at times totally overwhelming, I was unsure of the best places to go with my newborn. I wanted to meet other mums, but most importantly I wanted to find new and interesting ways of occupying my growing baby girl. I ventured into the library one day for something or other and found myself pleasantly surprised by a sing and rhyme time group, it was full of mum’s singing and bouncing their babies and toddlers on their knees, so of course we joined in. Olivia and I became frequent visitors and we would sit for what seemed like hours – me reading while Olivia slept or both of us going through books until we would find one she liked. Olivia would crawl around and I would sit on the big colourful lion cushion, reading her a story and joining in any activity that would start while we were there. Many a rainy day was spent reading, snacking and napping (her not me).

I arrived at Whitstable Library and was very kindly welcomed by the staff and a few parents, who were sat with their children waiting patiently for me to arrive. When everyone was comfy I began to read…




Joy Lane Primary School, Whitstable.

I was invited to read Twizzle and Lenny to two reception classes at Joy Lane Primary School last week. The children sat beautifully as I read and were keen to join in. They pointed to parts of the story that interested them and were particularly fascinated by the characters Twizzle and Lenny, but Elvin the wizard and some of the other enchanted forest creatures were also firm favourites.
I have targeted the book at children aged between 5-7 years, and after reading to this class of five year olds, I realised that the book is perfect for this age group. They were engaged and excited by the story and its characters, I left there full of joy and hope that another teacher may ask me to read at their school soon x

Bridge and Patrixborne Primary School, Bridge.

I was invited by Mrs Vickers to read to two year one classes at Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary School. The children sat patiently, while Mrs Vickers introduced me to them. I got comfortable, in a gorgeous fleecy covered chair and started to read. The children were amazing! Not only did they sit quietly throughout my reading, they also had some wonderful questions for me at the end. I loved that part! Just as much I did reading to them, because it’s then that I realise how much of the story they have taken in. And when they started to ask me about the characters and wondered where my ideas had come from, I was overwhelmed. They had really enjoyed the book, but one of the most amazing things was their enthusiasm. They started to realise that this is something that anyone of them could make possible. It all starts with an idea. X

Autism Provison – Joy Lane Primary School, Whitstable.

I read to a small group of children today at the Autism Provision based at Joy Lane Primary School. It was an amazing experience for me, each child was intrigued by the story and the characters and were keen to join in when I asked them questions about the book. They were also very enthusiastic about their own interests and skills. One little boy showed me the illustrations he had drawn for his own story, they were incredible! And another child was very excited about her story ideas. I am always so excited when I visit a school. It’s so wonderful to see the children’s enthusiasm for writing and drawing. I hope to visit them again soon. x


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