My Books

Twizzle Brown and Lenny Sparkle is the first in a series of four books that will be published this year. Below is a brief synopsis.

All was quiet, all was still in the Autumn forest over the hill…

An enchanting tale of magic, wonder, new friends and a fabulous tea party!

This story tells the tale of a wizard who appears in a forest late one crisp autumn evening. Tired from his journey he stops to rest. While he sleeps on his earthy bed, his magical wand falls out of his cloak and onto the forest floor. Sparks begin to fly around the quiet wood bringing everything they touch to life.

Sir Percy Trumpet Trousers is a much loved story in my house at the moment. below is a brief synopsis.

Charlie is afraid of the shadows in his bedroom and is given a special toy by his father to help scare them away, but when his younger sister starts seeing the big, bad shadows he reluctantly gives his special toy to her, can he make it through the night without Sir Percy Trumpet Trousers…?

The Invisible Cape – well, we all love a super hero story, don’t we.

The invisible Cape is a story about William, his older sister Rosie and their mother. Rosie is getting tired of her younger brother nagging her to come play… When mum comes up with a great game will Rosie be able to resist the fun and laughter going on out back? Will Super Jane and William the fantastic get their girl?


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