Some Of My Favourite Children’s Authors

Some of my favourite children’s authors, there are many!

Julia Donaldson – Room on a Broom and the Gruffulo are firm favourites in my house, my son and daughter love them!
Julia Donaldson’s books rhyme perfectly and flow so brilliantly, they are inventive and lead the imagination to overflow. I believe that children really indulge in stories like these and the rhyme is something they pick up very quickly. Both of my children enjoy finishing off the end of the rhyme when I’m reading it to them.

Lauren Child, another talented author. My son loves Charlie and Lola, whereas my daughter, being a little older is now into Clarice Bean.

The television series Charlie and Lola and the animated films – The Gruffulo and Gruffulo’s child are fantastic! When I read these stories to my children I adapt my voice to sound like the characters and my children find this very amusing.

Another author on my list is Roald Dahl. My daughter and I have recently finished reading the Twits. It was great revisiting this, I remember reading it myself as a child. Georges Marvellous Medicine is another we had fun reading and of course this list would not be complete without mentioning – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl’s books are so much fun to read.

Pippa Goodhart is an author who wrote a book called – You Choose, every page gives the child a choice of place, bed, clothes etc… You have no idea how much my children have enjoyed this book over the years and still do!

Astrid Lindgren is another author whose book Pippi Longstocking is a great success! I really enjoyed reading this book as a child and I have recently read it to my daughter, she also throughly enjoyed it!

Dr Seuss is also one of my favourite authors. I read Green Eggs and Ham and Fox in Socks as fast as I can and constantly trip over the the words, which my son finds very funny.

I have just finished reading my daughter the Monstrous Maud series by A. B Saddlewick. We both really enjoyed them! We are now looking for something else to start, something a little unusual and possibly a little spooky as books such as; Horrible Histories and Goosebumps seem to be favourites at the moment… Any ideas are more than welcome. 🙂

My son is really into the Dirty Bertie books written by Alan McDonald. These books are so funny and have us really giggling in the evenings. We have read quite a few and I keep on ordering them as we finish them quite quickly due to my son who says: “please mum, just one more!” And of course I just can’t resist, especially when we end up in fits of giggles over the word bogey, or bum.

There are many, many more and I will continue to add to this list.


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